【Random Course of Tenkawa】 20,000 yen (excluding tax)

【Random Course of Tenkawa】 20,000 yen (excluding tax)

20000 yen

(Tax excluded)

  • 115persons

The Random Course menu offers plenty of seasonal ingredients, so you can enjoy the taste of the season (menu changes every month).

Course menu

~ The menu is an example ~

[Food and drink]

Today's grinding wheel

Kujyo onion with vinegared miso sauce

Milk ponzu (blooming fugu)

Warm salad of winter cabbage

Fugu thin construction

Deferred Melt Frost

Sweet bream sea tang

Broiled roughly

Boiled skull of skull

Anpanic steak


Mid to white lean lean

Red cypress scalp skin

Boiled eggs


Makoto Shiitake Mushrooms


Chestnuts apple compote

2018/03/29 update